The Learned Art of Performance in Heart Surgery

According to Michael A. Acker, MD, his two passions – heart surgery and classical guitar – have more in common than you might think, in that they both require a special mix of creativity and expertise.

“Performance is a learned skill, and medicine is a learned profession. You’re basing your knowledge and what you bring to each patient on what you’ve learned, and what’s come before you. But it’s also about performance,” Dr. Acker explained. “A great classical guitarist practices for years to hone their craft. Their performance is the ultimate expression of focus, artistry and experience.” He continued, “Nothing is more exciting and challenging than the immediate positive impact surgery can have on a patient’s quality of life. In surgery, like in music and in life, practice makes perfect.” 

Dr. Acker is Chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery at Penn Medicine, and Director of the Penn Medicine Heart and Vascular Center. 

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April 16, 2018

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