TumorGlow: Illuminating Cancer Cells in the Operating Room | Penn Medicine

TumorGlow® is an investigational approach from Penn Medicine that illuminates cancers in the operating room to make them visible to surgeons.

Tumors have compromised blood vessels, and TumorGlow exploits their leaky vasculature to provoke tumor identification in real time during resection. A fluorescent dye-based innovation, TumorGlow is administered intravenously and accumulates in the cancerous cells. When exposed to near infrared light during surgery, the dye glows and highlights residual cancer cells that would otherwise not be detected.

TumorGlow technology helps surgeons to perform more precise surgery as they can visually distinguish cancerous and non-cancerous tissue, affording patients better outcomes and reduced levels of cancer recurrence.

To date, TumorGlow has shown positive results in clinical trials.


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April 24, 2019

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