Ariana L. Smith, MD – Urologist, Penn Medicine

Watch an interview with Ariana L. Smith, MD, an assistant professor of urology at Penn Medicine.

"The reason I became a urologist was after spending a day in the operating room where I did my medical school training, I watched a woman be cared for who had bladder cancer and required the removal of her bladder. The urologic surgeons were able to rebuild her a new bladder out of bowel. After that, I really had an appreciation for everything that a urologic surgeon could offer."

"There are several urologists to choose from, but there are not many female urologists in the community in an academic center. We certainly add a level of compassionate care to urologic care."

"I partner with my patients to allow them to have the best potential outcomes from their surgeries by giving them the education they need to make decisions, as well as the advice that I can provide as a specialist in this field."

"My name is Dr. Arianna Smith and I'm an Assistant Professor of Urology at Penn Medicine."


April 26, 2018

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