Time is Brain! Acute Stroke Evaluation and Treatment

Neurologist Michael T. Mullen, MD, speaks before an audience of Emergency Medical Services personnel to offer a general overview of stroke, emphasizing throughout that rapid treatment is the since most critical element of care.

Publish Date: 1/19/2017

What’s New in Hemorrhagic Shock

Trauma surgeon Patrick Kim, MD, offers a practical perspective on bleeding control and prevention of hemorrhagic shock.

Publish Date: 12/7/2016

Penn Medicine’s Level I Trauma Center: From Helipad to Trauma Bay within 70 Seconds

At Penn Medicine’s Level I Trauma Center, patients arriving to the rooftop helipad are transported by elevator to the trauma bay within 70 seconds.

Publish Date: 9/19/2016

An Inside Look at Penn Medicine’s Level I Trauma Center

The Level I Trauma Center at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center combines the right space, the right technology and the right staffing to save the lives of severely injured trauma patients.

Publish Date: 9/28/2016

Pre-Hospital Hemorrhage Control: Bleeding is Still Winning

Trauma surgeon Jeremy W. Cannon, MD, examines the prevention of hemorrhage in the pre-hospital setting.

Publish Date: 9/19/2016

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